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Teaching Kids To Code: Interview with Audrey Neveu from Devoxx4Kids

How do you teach kids to code? What works, what doesn’t? In terms of tools, programs, pedagogy… I had the pleasure to interview Audrey Neveu, software developer and co-organiser of the French edition of Devoxx4Kids. Audrey has an extensive experience teaching kids to code, be it through the Devoxx events or a year-long program she… Continue reading Teaching Kids To Code: Interview with Audrey Neveu from Devoxx4Kids

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Learning to Code Weeks 9 – 13

JAVASCRIPT   I’m just coming out of 5 weeks dedicated to Javascript. Did I complain about Bootstrap ? Now that was nothing compared to the headaches I’ve had since attacking Javascript ! Why is that ??? I’m the first one to wonder, since Javascript seems to be presented everywhere on the web as an easy and playful language…… Continue reading Learning to Code Weeks 9 – 13

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Code Girls by Technovation

Women represent less than 10% of developers worldwide, at least in most developed countries (which are those with the worst figures when it comes to gender equality in IT by the way!). In app development, it’s even worse : when Technovation was founded 6 years ago, they estimated that only 4% of app developers were women.… Continue reading Code Girls by Technovation